KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.5-Qt Tilt Head Stand Mixer

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Kitchen aid artisan mini-3.5quart tilt head stand mixer which thanks to its high efficiency and a compact size of only 12.3 by 7.8 by 12.3 inches as well as the weight of 18.66 pounds deservedly took the title of the best small stand mixer that can be found on the market in 2021

with the mini size and at the same time maximum power the mini three-and-a-half-quart stand mixer bowl can make up to five dozen cookies as powerful as the kitchen aid classic stand mixer this mini model is 25lighter and 20 smaller additionally the mini is compatible with all current accessories for traditional permanent mixers for everything that you want to create turn your stand mixer into a culinary centerpiece for your kitchen

with over 10 different options you can create everything from fresh pasta to burgers vegetarian noodles and much more as noted the brushed stainless steel mixing bowl contains up to five dozen cookies or a loaf of bread guacamole or a mixture of pork

KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.5-Qt Tilt Head Stand Mixer – samayal samayal

and more there are also 10 optimized speeds powerful enough for any task or recipe whether it’s mixing wet and dry ingredients kneading bread dough or whipped cream in terms of additional benefits there is also the soft-start function which helps prevent splashing and spilling of flour by turning at a slower speed

the tilting head design allows easy access to the bowl and attached mixer or utensils so you can easily add ingredients to your recipe lacking the head in place during operation allows firm efficient contact of the mixer with the bowl

there is also the flex edge beater function that shortens the mixing time and the need to scrape the side of the bowl additionally the product boasts a durable design also included in the mix are premium finishes with chrome buttons a convenient location for the power cord and an elegantly wrapped ribbon if you are looking for a smaller item that delivers the good in style then this is the one you‘ve been looking

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