Cuckoo Rice Cooker

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The cuckoo rice cooker this Korean design 6 cup capacity rice cooker boasts a number of unique features while all traditional rice cookers have the capacity to cook white rice the team highlighted its special brown rice preset giving it the ability to flawlessly cook the healthy ingredient unlike white rice brown rice keeps its healthy bran and germ covering making it chewy nuttier and a bit harder to cook

in addition, this cooker also features my mode function that allows the user to choose how soft or gluttonous the rice turns out the team also commended its ability to control how you want the rice cooked with its 16 unique rice flavors and texture options

not only that but it is also capable of cooking porridge along with its ability to steam and multi-cook it also features a removable non-stick in a pot detachable inner lid auto-clean function and excess water drainage dish which allows you to keep your rice cooker clean and preserves the freshness of the rice

Cuckoo 6 Cup Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer, 11 Menu Options, Nonstick Inner Pot, RedWhite – samayal samayal

this product proves to be popular among amazon buyers with an average 4.6-star rating one user commented how versatile and reliable the cooker is and how satisfied they were with cooking brown rice almost every day another user highlighted its great value how good the rice tasted when it was cooked and how well it preserves the rice

the buyer noted that it was the best among all the products they have used with its capacity and features this rice cooker is perfect for small gatherings or small to medium-sized families it is also great for health enthusiasts because of its ability to specifically cook brown rice with its numerous functions the team considered it a great value for money

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